Take Action!

Ask them to support SB 193

SB 193, a bill that establishes a commission to study pathways to oral health care in NH, was amended and passed by the House a few weeks ago.

The amended version adds three members to the commission: a representative from the State Committee on Aging, the Governor’s Commission on Disability and a public member, appointed by the governor.

We ask all partners to take action on this bill by Wednesday, May 7.

Because SB 193 was amended in the House and differs slightly from what the Senate passed, it must now go back to the Senate for another round of voting, which will take place this Thursday. Senators can choose to simply accept the bill with the changes passed by the House, or they can send this to a Committee of Conference to work out the differences between the two bodies, a step that takes more time, delays the process of seating a commission. And, if conferees don’t agree, or one of the respective bodies don’t agree to what conferees hammer out, the bill could die altogether.

This Commission is too important to delay — it needs to be seated and get to its work as soon as possible. Senators need to accept the House-passed version, and not invite further delays by sending this simple bill to conference.

Please contact your Senator before the Senate votes Thursday (find your Senator by town at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/Senate/members/wml.aspx).  Ask them to support the bill as passed by the House and move this forward as soon as possible. 

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The NH Senate voted 22-2 early this year to amend SB193. Instead of authorizing a Dental Hygiene Practitioner in NH, as proposed, the amendment replaced the bill with a study commission, which would work through the end of 2015 to evaluate the dental care delivery system for how well it is meeting the needs of underserved populations. The House added three positions to the Commission before passing the bill in April, which adds representatives from the disabilities and senior communities to the Commission.